Hearing Aids

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The Sounds of Life

At CQ Hearing we are passionate about Hearing. Hearing connects us with, Family, Workmates, Teachers, Carers, Friends, and Sounds in our environment. Hearing is also important for Personal Safety and Environmental Awareness. Indeed, hearing and communication is central to life.

When a hearing loss is present it can put limits on your life. But it need not. In most cases Hearing loss can be treated very successfully.

While there is no going back to normal hearing, we are getting very close.

It’s never too late to treat a hearing loss. However, the earlier the better.

Reconnecting to your world

Are all hearing aids the same? No. Hearing aids range in:

  • Style and size
  • Technology
  • Flexibility
  • Microphone array
  • Effectiveness within a noisy environment

All of the above factors are reflected in price. There are also many different manufacturers. CQ Hearing is not owned or tied to a single hearing aid manufacturer and so we can select the best brand available at the best price.

Hearing devices reflect cutting edge technology. In the same way as mobile phones have evolved over the last 5 years so haver hearing devices. Recent Changes include:

  • Size – hearing devices have become smaller and much more discrete
  • Much better comfort
  • More natural sound
  • No whistling
  • Bluetooth for connecting with phones and other devices
  • Better processing speed
  • Better performance in busy listening environments
  • Greater resistance to moisture damage
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Better technology in even the basic entry level aids

Hearing Aid Style and Sizes

The “style” of a hearing aid refers to what a hearing device looks like which also determines how it is worn. For example, some devices fit into the ear canal while others have a piece behind the ear and an ear mould or very small speaker and dome sitting in the ear. Below we have provided photographs of the popular styles of aids but your CQ Hearing Audiologist will help you select the style that is best for you:

CIC – Completely-in the canal

CIC – Completely-in the canal

ITC – In the canal

ITC – In the canal

BTE – Behind the Ear

BTE – Behind the Ear

Ultra-Small or Micro BTE

Ultra-Small or Micro BTE

Your CQ Hearing Audiologist will explain the advantages of the different styles and help you to decide which style is best for you.

Hearing Aid prices

For private clients, our hearing aid devices typically range from $1200 to $4500 per aid. In addition to the device, this price includes a list of inclusions, including:

  • all fitting appointments (usually 3 or 4);
  • hearing check and hearing aid adjustments after 12 months;
  • our extended care program – essentially hearing check and device adjustments every 12 months for the life of the aid;
  • Insurance and all disposables for 12 months
  • Drying Oven
  • Manufacturer’s warranty for 3 or 4 years

However, we can offer hearing devices at costs lower than $1200 - $4500 if you elect for our short-term care program rather than the normal extended care program.

For Pensioners and DVA clients where the Commonwealth provides some financial support, devices range from $0 (free) to $2300 per aid.

There is no charge for a hearing aid consultation appointment with our Audiologist and he will provide you with the options so that you can choose the best option for you. You can also try before you buy. Call today to arrange your free hearing aid consultation appointment and hearing aid trial.

To find out more about hearing aids, please contact us by email hear@cqhearing.com or by calling 07 4922 4623.